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Killzone Shadow Fall announced for PS4

At last night’s PlayStation Meeting 2013, Guerrilla Games announced their PlayStation 4 launch title, Killzone Shadow Fall. Below are screenshots and gameplay of the new game.

21st Feb
killzone shadow fall

What you need to know about the PS4

Sony Computer Entertainment has released a detailed description of what you can expect in the new PlayStation console, PlayStation 4. Included are details about the use of cloud tech, second screens and more.

21st Feb

PS4 system specs revealed

Sony has released the system specs for the PlayStation 4. The specs below are for the console, controller and PlayStation 4 Eye.

21st Feb

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs to debut on the PS4

Ubisoft has announced that their highly anticipated open word game, Watch Dogs, will be available for the launch of the PS4.

21st Feb
WD_Relaunch_Police Takedown

Diablo III coming to PS3 and PS4

During yesterday’s PS Meeting we got a small surprise. That surprise was an announcement of a PlayStation game from Blizzard. At the meeting, it was officially announced that Diablo III will coming to PS3/PS4.

21st Feb
diablo III_PS3+PS4

PlayStation meeting now live

Take a look a first look at the PlayStation 4, from the PlayStation meeting in New York. This will be updated throughout the day.

20th Feb

Rumours of the PS4 grow as Sony asks fans to “see the future” on Feb 20

Yesterday, Sony released a video that teases the possible public announcement of Sony’s next console, the much rumoured PlayStation 4 on February 20th.

01st Feb