Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 open beta announced

CI Games has announced there will be Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 open beta for PC players, via Steam, beginning February 3rd.

30th Jan

SG Gaming Info’s 5 most anticipated games of 2017

SG Gaming Info's Aaron Meehan reveals which five games he is most looking forward to playing this year.

03rd Jan

SG Gaming Info’s 5 most disappointing games of 2016

You've read and watched SG Gaming Info's Top 5 games of 2016, now SG Gaming Info reveals its five most disappointing games of 2016.

27th Dec

Valkyria: Azure Revolution coming to Europe in Q2 2017

Sega has announced they plan to release Valkyria: Azure Revolution across North America and Europe on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q2 2017.

14th Dec

Persona 5 delayed until April

Bad news Persona fans, Atlus USA has announced that Persona 5 will be delayed until April 4, 2017. Deep Silver has confirmed the same delay for the game's European release.

17th Nov
Persona 5_10-8

Two-character introduction videos for Persona 5 released

Deep Silver and Atlus have released character introduction videos for Ryuji and Ann from the upcoming JRPG Persona 5 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

02nd Nov
Persona 5_10-8

F1 2016 (PS4) review

Formula 1 is back as SG Gaming Info reviews Codemasters' F1 2016.

31st Aug
F1_2016_review (2)

Persona 5 gets a European release date

The wait is over European Persona fans as Deep Silver has announced that Persona 5, for PS3 and PS4, will sneak into Europe on February 14, 2017.

10th Aug
Persona 5_10-8

22-player multiplayer and more announced for F1 2016

Today, Codemasters has announced four new features will be making their way to F1 2016, including 22-player online racing, formation laps and more.

07th Jul

Deep Silver to publish Atlus and SEGA titles across Europe

Deep Silver has announced they are entering a collaboration to publish multiple Atlus and SEGA branded titles on consoles and handheld devices across Europe. The deal will cover multiple games including Persona 5.

06th Jul
persona 5

Agents of Mayhem announced a brand new IP from Volition

Volition, the creators of Saints Row, has announced a brand new IP called Agents of Mayhem, an open world title set in comic hero universe.

06th Jun
agents of mayhem

Deep Silver to publish Killing Floor 2 on PS4

Deep Silver has announced a collaboration with Tripwire Interactive and Iceberg Interaction to publish the retail version of the sci-fi horror FPS, Killing Floor 2, for PS4 in 2016.

31st May
Killing Floor 2 PS4 Announce screenshot 3

Homefront: The Revolution (PS4) review

SG Gaming Info reviews Deep Silvers' Homefront: The Revolution on the PlayStation 4.

25th May
Homefront The Revolution review screen2

Deep Silver to publish The King of Fighters XIV across Europe

After it was revealed that NIS America would no longer be publishing Atlus games in Europe, no one knew who would replace them. It now seems like Deep Silver will now be doing the publishing as they announced they would be publishing KOF XIV across Europe.

19th May
KOF XIV announce screenshot 1

Homefront: The Revolution expansion pass detailed

With Homefront: The Revolution due out at the end of the week, Deep Silver has released new details on the game's expansion pass.

17th May
homefront-the revolution_12-1