Video: Let’s Talk – Fallout 4’s bugs and issues

SG Gaming Info releases a new Let's Talk video. In this new video SG Gaming Info talks about the bugs and issues in Fallout 4.

24th Nov
fallout 4 bugs and issues thumbnail

VIDEO: First impression: Star Wars Battlefront beta

SG Gaming Info's Aaron Meehan offers his uncut first impression of the beta for EA and DICE's upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.

12th Oct
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Let’s Talk – The price of video games in Ireland

Ever wondered which store gives you the best deal for a brand new video game in Ireland? Well, worry no more as SG Gaming Info takes a look at the price of video games in Ireland.

08th Sep
Lets talk - The price of video games in Ireland

Let’s Talk – MCM Ireland Comic Con

SG Gaming Info recently attended MCM Ireland Comic Con, below is a video on my opinion on the convention.

04th Sep
lets talk - mcm ireland comic con

Video: Let’s Rant: Gamestop and the attempt to buy a Wii U

What's a better way to start a Monday morning? Well, why not rant about an aspect of the video game industry.

03rd Aug
Lets Rant - Gamestop and the attempt to buy a Wii U copy