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PlayStation meeting now live

On February 20, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

Take a look a first look at the PlayStation 4, from the PlayStation meeting in New York.

Watch the meeting live below.

Watch live video from playstation on www.twitch.tv

Update 1:

System Specs:

  • X86 CPU
  • Supercharged PC architecture
  • Highly advanced PC GPU
  • 8GB of unified memory
Update 2:
New controller is called, dualshock 4. Controller will have share and option buttons, headphone jack, touchpad, lightbar and stereo camera that tracks the controller.
Update 3:
First PS4 game announced. The game is called, Knack. Game sees you control a robot composed by hundreds of separate floating pieces.
Update 4:
PS4 games can be streamed to the PS Vita
Update 5:
No backward compatibility with PS3 games
Update 6:
Developers talk about the PS4. Developers include: Tim Shafer
Update 7:
The idea of playing games as they download is great.
Update 8:
Here come the games
Update 9:
Guerrilla games announce Killzone Shadow fall
Update 10:
Some gameplay being shown for the new Killzone game. It looks amazing.
Update 11:
Now for some FPS gameplay in Killzone Shadow fall
Update 12:
Another new game. Evolution Studio’s announce Drive Club, a team based racer.
Update 13:
There will be a Drive Club app, it allows you to set challenges for other player clubs to try out.
Update 14:
Evolution Studio’s are going insane with the car details.
Update 15:
This will be a true first person racing game. You will see  everything from the first person. You will walk into the car in the first person and strap yourself in.
Now there is some gameplay footage for Drive Club.
*Note* I will upload videos as they become available
Update 16:
Well this event just went political
Update 17:
Well all the political rambling has led to the announcement of a game about how the world would react to people with super powers.
The Game is, Infamous second son and it is developed by Sucker Punch
Update 18:
Another new game announced called, The Witness. The game is from the creator’s of Braid and it promises to be a 25 hour puzzle game.
Update 19:
They are now talking about real-time animations. The rendering looks beautiful.
Update 20:
using the PS Move to create 3D sculptures. Now that is a great idea.
Update 21:
This is currently the best presentation yet. Showing how to use the PS move and PS4 to make a fun creative game.
Update 22:
Big third party lineup for the PS4. it looks like various studios will be showing off their PS4 games.
Update 23:
Looks like we will be seeing some Capcom games for the PS4 in a few minute.
Update 24:
Capcom announce a new engine, Code name: Panta Rhei.
Update 25:
Capcom announce: Deep down (working title). The game will use their newly announced engine, Panta Rhei.
Update 26:
Square Enix are up next.
Update 27:
Square Enix show off a tech demo for their new Luminous engine. I’m pretty sure this tech demo was shown before at E3 or something.
Update 28:
Shinki Hashimoto, brand director for Final Fantasy  takes the stage
Update 29:
New Final Fantasy title to be revealed at this year’s E3
Update 30:
Ubisoft takes the stage, it sounds like we are going to hear some Watch Dogs info.
Update 31:
Time to learn more about Watch Dogs with a new live gameplay demo
Update 32:
Once again, Watch Dogs looks amazing. Really can’t look forward to this game enough.
Update 33:
Blizzard Entertainment’s Chris Metzen now on stage. Now that is shocker.
Update 34:
Chris Metzen has just announced Diablo III for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
Update 35:
It’s now Activision’s turn to take the stage
Update 36:
Bungie’s Destiny will be on the PS4.
Some new work in progress footage for Destiny.
Update 37:
It is time to learn about Destiny, as several Bungie developers take the stage
Update 38:
PS4 and PS3 versions of Destiny will include some exclusive content
Update 39:
The PlayStation 4 will be released Holiday 2013
Update 40:
It is all over, the meeting has now finished.
Sony didn’t show off the actual PS4 console.
I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing what was announced today. The live update for the PS meeting is now over.

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