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Sony announce NGP

Sony last night announced their new handheld codenamed the NGP also known as the PSP2.

27th Jan

3 new demos starting today

3 new demos start today (25th January). The demos are Rift, Bulletstorm and Crysis 2.

25th Jan
3 new demos starting today

Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date

Duke Nukem Forever on of the longest games in development has being given an official release date by there new publishers.

21st Jan

Final Fantasy XIII sequel announced

Square Enix announce a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII.

19th Jan
final fantasy XIII-2

PS3 version of portal 2 offers cross platform play and free PC copy and more

PS3 version of Portal 2 to offer numerous exclusive deals with valve and a free copy of portal 2 on the PC.

19th Jan

Final Fantasy Agito XIII renamed

Final Fantasy Agito XIII is renamed Final Fantasy Type-0.

18th Jan

Exclusive: Final word from Jim Brown

Earlier today we here at SGGamingInfo talked to creator of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and Dark Comet Games Jim Brown on the shut down of the online third person shooter Stargate Resistance.

17th Jan

Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack 1 preview

Treyarch have released preview of the multiplayer maps that will be in the new map pack which is coming February 1st on Xbox 360 first.

17th Jan

Rift build your class trailer

Trion Worlds show off how in depth the soul system is.

16th Jan

PSP2 as powerful as a PS3 and coming Q4 2011

PSP2 to be as powerful as a PS3 and to be coming out in 2011.

13th Jan

Moving forward, but a gift for Stargate game fans

An announcement on SGGamingInfo moving forward and a gift to remember the Stargate Games site beginning.

11th Jan
Moving forward, but a gift for Stargate game fans

Bulletstorm mocks Halo

Bulletstorm mocks Halo in latest Bulletstorm trailer.

11th Jan
Bulletstorm mocks Halo

Pokémon black and white UK release date

Pokémon Black and White now has a March 4th 2011 release date for the United Kingdom.

11th Jan
Pokémon black and white UK release date

Behind the scenes of Skyrim

GameInformer gets a tour of Bethesda Game Studio's new office.

10th Jan