• LawBreakers (PC) review

    SG Gaming Info reviews the PC version of Boss Key Productions’ gravity defying multiplayer shooter, Lawbreakers.

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    SG Gaming Info previews Blue Isle Studios’ online sandbox RPG, Citadel: Forged with Fire.

  • Project Cars 2 (PC) preview

    SG Gaming Info revs up its engine and previews Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming racing game, Project Cars 2.

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    SG Gaming Info reviews the PlayStation 4 version of the time stopping FPS, Superhot.

  • Lacuna Passage preview

    SG Gaming Info previews Random Seed Games’ Martian sandbox title, Lacuna Passage.

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  • 4 anime that could potentially have great games

    When not playing video games I like to relax by watching some anime, and during my viewing, I am often struck with the thought of, if X anime became a video game what genre would that game be, and what would it involve.

    4 anime that could potentially have great games

Ashrak nerv pinch

Former SGR developer releases a fun little video of what an Ashrak does best, but with a little twist.

17th Aug
Ashrak nerv pinch

12 “new” Stargate Worlds images

12 new Stargate Worlds images. 10 images of various planets and 2 images of praxis female armour.

08th Aug
12 “new” Stargate Worlds images

Dark Comet Games questionnaire

Dark Comet Game have sent out a questionnaire to all people who signed up to the newsletter.

06th Aug
SGR newsletter

recent downtime

An explanation of the website load problems that have happened today.

02nd Aug

Info about Launcher skins for new SGR launcher

With the release of the new SGR launcher in the new patch Dark Comet games let us know how it works by showing us what the source code should look like for launcher skin.

30th Jul
New SGR Launcher

Dark Comet Games working with new marketing company

Dark Comet Games have teamed up with Neutralvibe marketing company to help increase the marketing potential of Stargate Resistance.

28th Jul

Dark Comet Games press release on SGR progress

Press release from the Stargate Resistance developers Dark Comet Games. About all the new features that have being added to Stargate Resistance as well as other mentions from Jim Brown Studio Head at Dark Comet Games

28th Jul

Just can’t stop changing

Once again the official Stargate Resistance website has undergone a small change. The planets page has now being replaced by a Global Domination page but the planet info is still there on this new page.

25th Jul

SGR players make login map playable

A few days ago some Stargate Resistance fans have found a way to mess around on the login screens map which was shown to be a map back in the April Stargate Resistance trailer.

19th Jul
SGBGame 2010-07-19 18-52-58-88

new commando model

The New Commando model has now revealed itself on the Stargate Resistance website.

*Update* Dark Comet Games have confirmed the commando model is indeed the new commando model but is subject to change.

15th Jul

SGR website updated

Rank and achievement pages added to the Stargate Resistance website and updates to existing SGC and System Lords faction pages.

15th Jul
SGR website updated

Big SGGI Stargate Resistance information update

The first part of SGGamingInfo's Stargate Resistance information updates have being added. Be sure to check out all the nice new updates from Achievements to classes.

09th Jul
Big SGGI Stargate Resistance information update

New SGR Community web kit out

Dark Comet Games have released a new Stargate Resistance community web kit. It features a Stargate Resistance flash advert and art from the game along with other nice stuff.

08th Jul

Fan made Stargate Resistance firefox persona

Once again Ian “Zainea13” Zainea, has come to the attention of SGGaminginfo...

06th Jul
Fan made Stargate Resistance firefox persona

July 2nd QA chat roundup

Here is a roundup of what was said in the QA chat...

03rd Jul
July 2nd QA chat roundup