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Get ready to solve a murder with the ghost of Oscar Wilde

Team up with the ghost of the Irish playwright, Oscar Wilde as you help solve a country spanning murder mystery in Outsider Games’ upcoming point and click adventure game, Jennifer Wilde.

11th Oct
Jennifer Wilde_11-10

Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter successfully funded

Today, Stoic Studios has announced that Banner Saga 3 has successfully funded with the company passing its $200,000 goal with more than 34 days remaining on its Kickstarter.

01st Feb
BS3 Kickstarter Graphic

Divinity: Original Sin 2 adds Undead as playable race

Larian Studios has announced that the Undead will be a playable race in Divinity: Original Sin 2 as the game surpassed the $1.2 million Undead Kickstarter stretch goal.

07th Sep
Divinity-Original Sin 2_logo

Divinity: Original Sin II announced, coming to Kickstarter soon

Larian Studios has today announced Divinity: Original Sin II, and just like its previous game, Divinity: Original Sin, it will be funded via Kickstarter.

12th Aug
Divinity-Original Sin 2_logo

Adventures of Pip gets a Steam and Wii U release date

Tic Toc Games have announced that their Kickstarter funded side-scrolling action platform game, Adventures of Pip, will be coming June 4th for Stream and June 11th for Wii U (NA only).

26th May
Adventures of Pip_26-5

Loading Human switches to Unreal Engine 4

Untold Games has revealed that their virtual reality title, Loading Human has moved development from Unity to Unreal Engine 4. Along with the engine move, the studio is also planning to release the game on the PS4’s VR headset, Project Morpheus.

07th May

The Mandate on course to hit its kickstarter goal

The sci-fi RPG, The Mandate is on course to hit its kickstarter goal with only six days remaining. Currently the developers, Perihelion Interactive have raised $479,088 of the required $500,000.

25th Nov
The Mandate 25-11

Doctor Who actor David Bradley lends his voice to The Mandate

Perihelion Interactive has revealed that actor David Bradley, who is known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, will be voice acting in their upcoming sci-fi space opera RPG, The Mandate.

19th Nov
The Mandate_suvarov and bradley

Star Citizen raises $6 million

Star Citizen the space sim from Chris Roberts’s Cloud Imperium Games Corporation has broken the crowd funding record by raising more than $6 million for the game.

20th Nov

Elite classic game looks to kickstarter for a remake

Elite, the classic space game from 1984 might just be making a return, as David Braben, one of the game creators is looking for £1.25 million from fans to remake the game.

06th Nov

Revolution Software goes to Kickstarter to fund the fifth Broken Sword game

broken_swordthe_serpents_curse_promotional_artworkRevolution Software has gone to Kickstarter to attempt to raise $400,000 to help create Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse the fifth installment of the popular point and click adventure game series Broken Sword.

29th Aug
Revolution Software goes to Kickstarter to fund the fifth Broken Sword game