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Elite classic game looks to kickstarter for a remake

On November 6, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Elite, the classic space game from 1984 might just be making a return, as David Braben, one of the game creators is looking for £1.25 million from fans to remake the game.

Braben is hoping to raise the money to release the Elite remake called, Elite: Dangerous from Frontier Developments via crowd funding website Kickstarter which in the past has successfully crowd funded games such as FTL: Faster than Light from Subset Games. Subset looked for $10,000 from their Kickstarter and in the ended up raising just over $200,000. FTL was released and has proven to be a success with PC gamers.

Like many Kickstarter ideas Braben has included an array of bonuses for those who pledge certain amounts of money. Some of the pledge bonuses are: If you pledge £5,000 or more to Elite: Dangerous you will receive “Dinner with myself (David Braben) and the key team members in Cambridge, Have a central star system named after you, plus all rewards above.”, if £5,000 is too much you can pledge £5 which will see you “get a digital code when the game is released to apply a transferable decal to your ship, unique to you, the game’s backers.”

The Elite: Dangerous kickstarter was launched yesterday on November 5th and at time of writing the game has received £186,395 out of the £1.25 million needed with 59 days to go.

Elite was the first ‘open world’ game where players come freely roam in space. Elite was also the first true 3D game, and set many other benchmarks.

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