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Adventures of Pip gets a Steam and Wii U release date

On May 26, 2015 by Aaron Meehan

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Tic Toc Games have announced that their Kickstarter funded side-scrolling action platform game, Adventures of Pip, will be coming June 4th for Stream and June 11th for Wii U (NA only).

For those who do not know about Adventures of Pip, Tic Toc Games has sent an email with the following description of the game.

Who’s Pip? He’s the unlikely 1-pixel hero coming to save the 32-bit world. Despite being born a block and nothing more, Pip never saw his size as a disadvantage. By absorbing pixels from his fallen foes, Pip evolves into three different forms, each with its own unique abilities.

Multiple personalities? Think again.

EVOLUTION 1: THE FEATHERWEIGHT – The lightest and smallest of the bunch, but 1-pixel Pip packs enough courage to save the entire kingdom in a low-fidelity package. Squeeze into cracks and jump to great heights that only a single block can reach!

EVOLUTION 2: THE THRILLSEEKER – The most agile and fastest evolution of the Pips. Wall jump and sprint to complete challenging levels. This second evolution packs a powerful punch that will send enemies to their digital maker.

EVOLUTION 3: THE HEAVY – The strongest and deadliest Pip When it comes to heavy objects, he will break, crush, or shove them out of his way. With sword in hand, nothing can stand in Pip’s way.

For more information on Adventures of Pip, visit http://www.tictocgames.com/adventures-of-pip/.

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