Activision details first Destiny expansion

Today, Activision has revealed that the content of the first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below. The expansion, which will be released on December 9th, will contain a level increase, new raid, new story quests, new strikes and more.

29th Oct

Review: Destiny (PS4)

SG Gaming Info takes a look at Bungie's new hype filled shared world/MMO sci-fi shooter, Destiny.

01st Oct

Destiny makes over $500 million on its first day

It seems like Bungie's brand new IP Destiny has being a financial success as the game's publisher Activision has revealed that they sold $500 million worth of copies of Destiny.

14th Sep

Get ready for Destiny with a live action trailer

With less than five days to go until Destiny is released, Activision has released a two-minute live action trailer called "Become Legend". The trailer shows off what the game is about, exploring planets and creating a fireteam to defeat the evil aliens on said planets.

04th Sep

New Destiny trailer takes players to Venus

The latest trailer for Bungie's heavily publicized shared shooter Destiny takes players to the second planet from the sun, Venus. This once toxic and unforgiving world was transformed into a paradise during the golden age, but after the darkness arrived, paradise was lost.

19th Aug
Destiny - Venus

Over 4.6 million people take part in Destiny Beta

Activision has announced that over 4.6 million people took part in the ten day long Destiny Beta, Bungie's upcoming shared world sci-fi shooter. However, Activision did not state how many of those who took part had pre-ordered the game.

01st Aug

Destiny: E3 2014 trailer and beta details

Can't wait until to September to play Bungie's shared world shooter, Destiny? Well Bungie has announced that the game's beta will start for PS3 and PS4 owners on July 17th. Bungie has also released an E3 trailer for Destiny.

11th Jun

New Destiny trailer shows off the game’s co-op missions

Bungie and Activision have today released a brand new trailer for the upcoming shared world shooter, Destiny. The new trailer shows off the strike cooperative mission, Devils’ Lair Strike.

28th Apr

Destiny beta available first on PS3 and PS4

At the Spike TV All Access PlayStation 4 launch event, Activision and Bungie announced that the Destiny beta will be available first on the PS3 and PS4.

15th Nov

Destiny takes a trip to the moon for its latest trailer

Activision has released a new trailer for Bungie’s shared world sci-fi shooter, Destiny. The new trailer takes players to the moon where they do battle with the Hive, one of the game’s four enemy races.

01st Oct

Soldiers look into the distance for Destiny’s cover art

Bungie has today released the official cover art for their upcoming shared world sci-fi shooter, Destiny. For the cover art, Bungie has decided to go for soldiers looking into the distance approach.

30th Sep

Watch Destiny’s gameplay demo walkthrough from E3

Bungie has today release the full worldwide gameplay demo walkthrough of their upcoming shared world shooter, Destiny.

04th Jul

Take a look at some Destiny artwork from GDC

During the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Bungie released some new pieces of artwork for their highly anticipated shooter, Destiny.

02nd Apr

Destiny confirmed for PS4

At yesterday’s PS Meeting, Bungie confirmed that their shared world shooter, Destiny will be released on the PlayStation 4. This is the third confirmed platform for the game, after it was originally announced to be on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

21st Feb

Bungie talks Destiny

Bungie, the creators of Halo has officially revealed their not so secret new shooter, Destiny. Destiny takes place in the distant future where you and other players, take on the role of Guardians of the last city on Earth.

18th Feb