• Games Expo Ireland 2017 – Fun, but lacking games

    Over the weekend I had a chance to attend Ireland’s latest games convention, Games Expo Ireland, and after spending two days wandering the convention floor here are my thoughts.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4) review

    SG Gaming Info goes to the dark side and reviews EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II.

    Star Wars Battlefront 2_review (3)
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins (PS4) review

    SG Gaming Info explores Ancient Egypt and takes on an ancient order in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Origins.

    Assassins Creed Origins_review slider
  • PlayersXpo 2017 proves to be a success

    On October 28th and 29th I had a chance to check out Dublin’s latest video game convention, PlayersXpo, and despite the scepticism created by GamerCon, I loved every bit of Ireland’s newest games convention.

    PlayersXpo 2017-slider1
  • Destiny 2 (PC) review

    SG Gaming Info reviews the PC version of Bungie’s large-scale first-person shooter, Destiny 2.

    Destiny 2_review-slider
  • Closers preview

    SG Gaming Info takes a look at the alpha for En Masse Entertainment’s online side-scrolling beat ‘em up, Closers.


SGR Collector’s Value Pack out now

New Product available on the Firesky Store. Buy Stargate Resistance and all 3 Advanced Combat Packs for only US$29.95.

28th Sep
SGR Collector’s Value Pack out now

No SGR commercial during Stargate Universe season 2 premiere

No SGR commercial during the season 2 premiere of SGU, but there could be one later on.

26th Sep
No SGR commercial during Stargate Universe season 2 premiere

Reserve your SGR clan today

Reserver you Stargate Resistance clan name today as the Firesky Clan system takes a step forward.

21st Sep
Reserve your SGR clan today

Some Stargate Resistance concept art and others

Some Stargate Resistance concept art and one or two other treats for you guys to have a look at.

17th Sep
Some Stargate Resistance concept art and others

2 mile stones reached

SGGamingInfo has set 2 mile stones today. One being the monthly views and the other being the position of SGGamingInfo in the Alexia traffic ranking.

09th Sep
2 mile stones reached

Dark Comet Games are being taken to court

>Dark Comet Games are being taken to court over the acquisition of assets belonging to CME.

27th Aug
Dark Comet Games are being taken to court

New map name revealed

A new map name has being revealed for Stargate Resistance.

19th Aug
Possible concept art for "Ba'al's outpost"

Ashrak nerv pinch

Former SGR developer releases a fun little video of what an Ashrak does best, but with a little twist.

17th Aug
Ashrak nerv pinch

12 “new” Stargate Worlds images

12 new Stargate Worlds images. 10 images of various planets and 2 images of praxis female armour.

08th Aug
12 “new” Stargate Worlds images

Dark Comet Games questionnaire

Dark Comet Game have sent out a questionnaire to all people who signed up to the newsletter.

06th Aug
SGR newsletter

recent downtime

An explanation of the website load problems that have happened today.

02nd Aug

Info about Launcher skins for new SGR launcher

With the release of the new SGR launcher in the new patch Dark Comet games let us know how it works by showing us what the source code should look like for launcher skin.

30th Jul
New SGR Launcher

Dark Comet Games working with new marketing company

Dark Comet Games have teamed up with Neutralvibe marketing company to help increase the marketing potential of Stargate Resistance.

28th Jul

Dark Comet Games press release on SGR progress

Press release from the Stargate Resistance developers Dark Comet Games. About all the new features that have being added to Stargate Resistance as well as other mentions from Jim Brown Studio Head at Dark Comet Games

28th Jul

Just can’t stop changing

Once again the official Stargate Resistance website has undergone a small change. The planets page has now being replaced by a Global Domination page but the planet info is still there on this new page.

25th Jul