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RaiderZ gets a massive update

Perfect World Entertainment and MAIET Entertainment have released a massive update for the free to play action based MMO RaiderZ. This new update brings a new class, a new dungeon and more.

16th Nov

Take a look at War Thunder on the PlayStation 4

Gaijin Entertainment has released a selection of screenshots for the PlayStation 4 version of the free to play aerial, ground and naval combat MMO, War Thunder.

17th Oct

Tekken Card Tournament celebrate milestone

The free to play game, Tekken Card Tournament has past five million downloads. To celebrate this milestone Namco Bandai Games has announced that there will be a limited 40% discount on the game’s digital cards boosters.

14th Oct

Latest Ace Combat Infinity trailer talks about the Ulysses disaster

Namco Bandai Games has released a new trailer for the free to play game, Ace Combat Infinity. The story in the trailer is the same story from the PS2 game, Ace Combat 4.

23rd Sep

Prove you are the best with Ace Combat Infinity’s online coop mode

The upcoming free to play Ace Combat game Ace Combat Infinity, has received a new trailer. The new trailer gives fans a detailed look at its “innovative online cooperative mode”.

02nd Sep
Ace Combat Infinity_2-9

Dragon’s Prophet to be released on September 18

At last week’s SOE Live, Sony Online Entertainment and Infernum Productions announced that the upcoming free to play dragon focused MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet will be released on PC in North America and Europe on September 18.

06th Aug

New free to play Ace Combat game to arrive later this year

Namco Bandai Games has today announced that Ace Combat Infinity will be free to play game available exclusively for the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network later this year.

02nd Aug
Ace Combat Infinity (11)

Fiesta Online celebrates its fifth birthday with the Crusader class

The free to play MMORPG Fiesta Online has turned five this week and to celebrate, the developers are adding a new hero class called the Crusader, along with various events to celebrate the milestone.

25th Jul

OnNet announce a “Big Summer Update” for RF Online 1.5

OnNet Europe has today released the “Big Summer Update” for the free to play MMO RF Online 1.5. This update includes a number of tweaks to help balance the game, along with a number of in-game events, new player rewards, a cash shop lottery and more.

25th Jul
RF Online Summer 2013 Update_25-7

Warframe update 9 released, features new community designed Warframe and more

Today, the ninth major update for Warframe has been released. The update includes: Nova, the first Warframe designed by the community via “The Design Council” and more.

15th Jul

World of Warplanes enters open beta

Wargaming’s free to play flight combat MMO World of Warplanes which features warplanes from 1930’s – 1950’s has entered open beta in Russia and North America today, the European open beta begins on July 4th.

02nd Jul
world of warplanes

Warframe to be released on PlayStation 4

Yesterday we talked about two free to play games heading to the PS4, well today we have another. The third free to play game is Digital Extremes’ free to play co-op game, Warframe.

06th Jun

Rift to go free to play on June 12

Trion Worlds has announced that their subscription based mmorpg, Rift, will be going free to play on June 12. Trion Worlds boasts that there will be “No trials. No ticks. No traps” when it comes to their free to play model.

14th May

Free to play game, Tekken Card Tournament now available

Namco Bandai’s cross-platform free to play game, Tekken Card Tournament, is now available for smartphones, tablets and web browsers.

09th Apr

Free to play Tekken card game coming to tablet, Smartphones and browsers

Namco Bandai has announced that the free to play game, Tekken Card Tournament will be released in the next few weeks for tablets, Smartphones and browsers.

22nd Jan
Tekken Card Tournament-Logo