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Dragon’s Prophet to be released on September 18

On August 6, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

At last week’s SOE Live, Sony Online Entertainment and Infernum Productions announced that the upcoming free to play dragon focused MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet will be released on PC in North America and Europe on September 18.

In Dragon’s Prophet players must choose from four distinct player classes — ranger, sorcerer, guardian or oracle — and band together to battle a variety of dragons and beasts as they work to restore order to the land from the evil Black Dragon that has escaped his eternal prison, and is more dangerous than ever. Featuring an action-based combat system, Dragon’s Prophet gives players visceral battle action gameplay, with a higher degree of control and wider range of tactical options than traditional MMOs.

In the official press release regarding the release date Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO at Infernum Productions.

“Thanks to the help of thousands of passionate beta testers and the tireless efforts of everyone involved, we are now close to the next milestone in Dragon’s Prophet,”

“Almost three months after the open beta started, we have already made huge progress! After we revisited the existing gameplay systems on a huge scale and delivered new content to Dragon’s Prophet, we will now continuously improve the performance, address balancing issues and rework all zones as well as the 30 dungeons we already released. When the game launches, we will deliver an additional zone as well as the long-awaited Frontier System with its epic cross-server PvP battles. Gaming has never been this diverse and thrilling — and you’re experiencing it on the back of a mighty dragon!”

To learn more about Dragon’s Prophet, visit https://www.dragonsprophetthegame.com/ or if you are in Europe, visit https://www.dragonspropheteurope.com/.

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