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Codemasters offers a £125,000 Special Edition version Grid 2

Codemasters has today announced a £125,000 special edition version of Grid 2 called, Grid 2: Mono Edition. This edition which includes a road-legal super car and race-wear will be available to only one person.

24th May
grid 2 mono edition car

RockStar announced Grand Theft Auto V Collector’s Edition

Rockstar has today announced the content and price of Grand Theft Auto V’s Collector’s Edition and Special Edition. Both Editions will come with jammed full of great digital and physical content, but don’t expect these Editions to be too cheap.

23rd May

The Last of Us special editions detailed

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has revealed the contents of The Last of Us Ellie and Joel special Editions. Both special editions include physical and downloadable content.

23rd Jan

Defiance pre-order bonuses and special edition content revealed

Trion Worlds has today revealed the pre-order bonus and the contents of the digital deluxe and Collector’s editions of the upcoming subscription free mmo, Defiance.

21st Jan

Various Tomb Raider editions and pre-order bonuses announced

Square Enix has announced two special Tomb Raider editions for UK and Ireland called Survival Edition and Deluxe Collector’s edition. Also announced were various pre-order bonuses available via various retailers.

11th Oct

Max Payne 3 Special Edition announced

maxpayne3screenRockstar have announced the content of Max Payne 3 Special Edition, but the edition is only available to pre-order for a limited amount of time.

21st Nov
Max Payne 3 Special Edition announced

Final Fantasy XIII-2 special editions and pre-order

5623110616_event_02_RGBSquare Enix have announced that there will be two special editions for next year’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 and a pre-order deal for select stores.

20th Oct
Final Fantasy XIII-2 special editions and pre-order

Battlefield 3 Physical warfare gets a trailer

DICE and EA have released a trailer for their “Battlefield 3” Physical...

03rd Sep
Battlefield 3 Physical warfare gets a trailer