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Take On Mars to leave Early Access on February 9th

Bohemia Interactive has announced that Take On Mars will leave Early Access on February 9th. The full launch release date follows the recent release of the game's single-player story campaign.

21st Jan

Arma 3 Eden 3D editor released

Bohemia Interactive has today released the Arma 3 Eden update, this update includes the much-anticipated Eden 3D Scenario Editor.

18th Feb

Bohemia Interactive acquires a decommissioned tank

Bohemia Interactive, a company well known for its sim/military shooter series, Arma, has revealed that they have bought a decommissioned T-72 Main Battle Tank.

16th Oct

First campaign episode of Arma 3 dated and detailed

Bohemia Interactive has announced that the first campaign episode of Arma 3 called ‘Survive’ will be released for free on October 31st. Along with the date, details regarding with the episode were also released.

11th Oct

Arma 3 set for a September release date

Bohemia Interactive has announced that their PC exclusive tactical military shooter, Arma 3 will be released in both digital and physical stores worldwide on September 12, 2013.

09th Aug

Arma 3 campaign to be released in 3 free DLC episodes

Bohemia Interactive has announced that the campaign for Arma 3 will be released as 3 free DLC episodes after the game launches later this year.

06th Aug
arma 3_6-8

Learn the basics of flying a helicopter in Arma 3 with this community guide

Having difficulty flying helicopters in the Arma 3 beta? Well in the latest Arma 3 Community Guide video, Andrew Gluck from ShackTactical explores the basics of helicopter flight.

06th Aug

Bohemia Interactive tell users to change passwords following database breach

Last week Ubisoft had their database breached, this week Bohemia Interactive, the company behind the Arma series has had their account database illegally accessed.

11th Jul

Bohemia Interactive announce Take on Mars

Last week during E3, Bohemia Interactive of Arma fame announced their latest game “Take on Mars”, the latest game in the “Take On” series. This new game has you exploring Mars as a rover operator.

17th Jun
Take on Mars

Nvidia takes a look at the Project Shield game Arma Tactics

On Thursday’s "Project Shield – Android Thursdays", Nvidia showed off Bohemia Interactive’s upcoming android title, Arma Tactics.

15th Apr

Take a sneak peek at the Arma 3 Alpha

Bohemia Interactive has released a new Arma 3 trailer titled, 2013 Sneak Preview. The video looks at the games alpha and future content.

07th Mar

Arma 3 changes and Alpha

Bohemia Interactive has announced that it has made cosmetic changes to the upcoming sandbox game, Arma 3.

02nd Mar

Arma 3 to be Steam-exclusive

Bohemia Interactive has announced their upcoming shooter, ARMA 3, will be available exclusively on Steam. Bohemia Interactive also dropped hints that the game will have some form of Steamworks functionality.

23rd Feb

Arma 2: Complete Collection released

Bohemia Interactive, the Czech development studio behind the Arma series has today released Arma 2: Complete Collection, the collections brings Arma 2 and all DLC together in one complete package.

15th Feb

Bohemia Interactive developers freed

The two Bohemia Interactive developers, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar who were jailed in Greece for over 100 days have now been released and are now free to return.

15th Jan