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A look back at Arcade Con 2012

On July 18, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

From July 13-15 I was attending the Irish based convention called Arcade Con which is a convention dedicated to video games, anime, manga and more. Here are my thoughts on the convention.

I have to say a job well done to the entire Arcade Con staff, they made the convention run pretty smoothly bar a few issues with events over running on Sunday, but these things happen.

The convention was packed to the rafters with things to do with tournaments, workshops, panels, special guest and more. With so many things to do I couldn’t attend everything. The events I did attend where all enjoyable and I left them with a smile on my face and some good memories too.

Personally Arcade Con felt great right of the bat with the very first event I went to which was called “Anime Sports Day” which was an event with various activities attendees could take part in like the plushie toss which saw the team who threw the plushie the furthest over several rounds win and there was also what I think was called ninja tag (if that’s not the correct name it should be called that) which was essentially a game of tag, but in a circle and players could only make one move at a time.

Also I mentioned there were special guests at Arcade Con, unfortunately I couldn’t see all them but the one I did see the voice actor Quinton Flynn was a real treat and he didn’t disappoint.

Now since this is a convention it would be a crime not to mention the cosplay. The cosplay at Arcade Con where pretty good in my opinion, but that said this was my first con which had a lot of cosplayers. For cosplayers there was the cosplay masquerade which was a competition where those who wanted to showed off their cosplay in front of panel of judges. For those who didn’t bring any cosplay, but wanted to try it out there was an event called “Cosplay out of crap” which was a competition to cosplay as specific characters with nothing more than crap materials and toilet paper etc.

The convention like many conventions had a trade hall which sold homemade and official licensed merchandise. I do have to say I lost a good bit of money in that hall, but I’m such a sucker for miniature figures which now have a home on my computer desk.

Finally there was a raffle which saw an array of items that were donated being given away to some lucky winners. Apart from a raffle there was also a charity auction which contained some great items donated by Predators Ireland, Disney and other. The items donated included a Skyrim helmet, Predator helmet, Spiderman and Diablo painting, Mass Effect Normandy, Braid and Wreck it Ralph posters, Majora’s mask and more. The charity auction raised more than €3,000 and one item sold for over €1,000, during the auction you could see the visible shock on some staff members face as some items sold for far more than they expected.

I have to say I did enjoy the con and if I am able to I might head back to Arcade Con next year. Also if you are not on the SGGamingInfo Facebook page here are some photos from Arcade Con.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Finally once again a big thank you to Declan Doody Arcade Con’s event manager and all the staff for putting on a great convention.

Author: Aaron Meehan

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