SimCity finally gets an offline mode

After EA and Maxis rejected calls for an offline mode for SimCity saying that it would "didn't fit in with [their] vision." Maxis has today revealed that players will now be able to play the game offline.

14th Jan

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow review

SG Gaming Info takes a look at the SimCity expansion Cities of Tomorrow, with the hope that it will fix some of the game’s major issues.

24th Nov

SimCity coming to Mac on August 29

SimCity will be available for Mac as a digital only release on August 29th. Those who bought the PC version of SimCity will receive the Mac version of the game for free via Origin.

05th Aug

SimCity review

Maxis’ SimCity makes a return to the PC, five years after the release of SimCity Societies and ten years since the last Maxis developed SimCity game, SimCity 4. Now let’s take a look at the new SimCity.

25th Mar

EA say they were “dumb” in regards to SimCity launch

In an announcement about the troubled launch for the city building game, SimCity, EA has said they were “dumb” for underestimating the number of players logging into play the game.

09th Mar

Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower make an appearance in SimCity

EA has today announced that those who buy, SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition, will receive the famous landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate and Big Ben to help set a cultural style for your city.

29th Jan

Latest SimCity trailer shows off multi-city play and more

Maxis has today released a new SimCity trailer. The new trailer shows off multi-city play, a first look at one of the great Works and more.

09th Jan

SimCity to hit store shelves on March 8

EA has today announced that the latest city building simulation SimCity for PC and Mac will be released on March 8, 2013.

24th Oct

Connect your city to the world

University City[3]EA has released a new SimCity trailer at this year’s Gamescom. The trailer focuses on the online multiplayer and shows how various connected cities can thrive.

14th Aug
Connect your city to the world

SimCity builds up at E3

Sims Fight Fires[3]Maxis have released a new trailer for SimCity at E3 2012. The new trailer shows off new gameplay and shows how people can work together to build expand your city.

05th Jun
SimCity builds up at E3