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New updated SG Gaming Info website launched

On October 28, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Finally after just over two years a new updated SG Gaming Info website is now out.

The new SG Gaming Info site which went live on Saturday (October 27) offers a lot more in term of actual information and look compared to the previous layout, it makes more articles visible on the front page and a slider makes sure the big news of the week and latest reviews do not get smothered in a sea of posts like they did with the previous site layout. The look of the sight is also important and personally I would say the previous site layout was ugly and unappealing in my opinion. The new site offers what I hope will be easier to read text and an overall greater reading experience.

You might be wondering since I personally found the previous site layout unappealing why did it take so long to change? Well the answer is simple the idea of updating the site has being on the cards for over a year now and well with news and reviews it was a side project and only worked on when I had time. The design was important and was inspired by none other than Google, who I had visited just over a year ago in their Dublin, Ireland office and they gave me some tips and ideas which you see now in the new website (big thank you to Google).

I hope you all enjoy the new layout and keep coming back for news and reviews.

Author: Aaron Meehan

Hi, I’m the creator of SG Gaming Info. When I’m not working on my writing or creating content for this site’s YouTube channel, I like to relax and enjoy character driven story games.

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