Legend of Zelda’s concert comes to Ireland in November

Irish Legend of Zelda fans rejoice as Nintendo has announced that The Legend of Zelda symphony concert series known as "Master Quest" will be coming to Dublin on November 22nd.

11th Jun
that The Legend of Zelda symphony concert

Video Games Live announce 50+ new concerts

Video Games Live has announced 50+ new concert tours for 2014/2015 in Europe, Mexico, South America, China and more. Some of the locations include: México City, Shanghai, Manchester, Madrid and Stuttgart.

10th Mar
Video Games Live

The Greatest Video Game Music 2 review

SG Gaming Info takes a look at the video game music collection ‘The Greatest Video Game Music 2’ which is composed by Andrew Skeet and performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

07th Nov

Listen to the Greatest Video Game Music again

X5 Music Group and the London Philharmonic Orchestra has announced that the upcoming album “The Greatest Video Game Music 2” will be available from digital stores on November 6th.

24th Oct

Download the Dishonored E3 trailer song for free

Bethesda has made the song ‘The Drunken Whaler’ which was featured in the Dishonored E3 trailer free to download on their official blog site.

14th Sep

Mass Effect 3 composers revealed

masseffect3-screenBioware has revealed the list of composers for Mass Effect 3, some of which have worked on Mass Effect titles of old.

21st Dec
Mass Effect 3 composers revealed

The sound of Star Wars: The Old Republic

swtorscreenshot1Can’t wait for SWTOR to begin later this month? Well Bioware have something ease the wait and that is a new track from SWTOR every day leading up to launch.

03rd Dec
The sound of Star Wars: The Old Republic