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Idea Factory International to bring three more JRPGs to Steam

At Idea Factory International's latest press event, the company announced plans to port three more of their games to Steam, including an unedited Monster Monpiece.

04th Dec
3 new steam games from idea factory international

European version of Monster Monpiece delayed

Idea Factory International has today announced that the card based strategy game Monster Monpiece has been delayed in Europe. The game will now be released in Europe via the PS Store on June 4th.

20th May

Monster Monpiece to be released in Europe on May 28th

Idea Factory International has announced that their first PS Vita title, Monster Monpiece, will be released via the PlayStation Network on May 27th in North America and on May 28th in Europe. Monster Monpiece will retail for $29.99.

13th May

Idea Factory addresses censorship issue in Monster Monpiece

Following yesterday’s announcement, Idea Factory has today taken to Facebook to explain to fans why the upcoming western version of Monster Monpiece will be censored.

23rd Jan
Monster Monpiece_22-1

Western version of Monster Monpiece to have sexual images removed

With the announcement of a western release of Compile Heart’s card based PlayStation Vita title Monster Monpiece, the game's publisher Idea Factory has announced that some of the sexual images will be removed from the game.

22nd Jan
Monster Monpiece_22-1