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No Battlefield 3 for Steam

On July 11, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Yesterday EA published a list of digital retailers which would be selling Battlefield 3 and according to the website Joystiq who managed to get a look at it before it was taken down Steam was absent from the list.
┬áThis comes as no surprise to some since Crysis 2 was taken of the digital store by Valve for apparently breaking the rules on Steam, which is probably EA’s Origin digital shop which went live earlier in June of this year. It does appear that both Valve and EA are still having a mini fight about Valves strict rules and this is leading to no Battlefield 3 on Steam. I have a feeling there will be a few upset people who both like Steam and the Battlefield series.

Source: Joystiq

Author: Aaron Meehan

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One Response to “No Battlefield 3 for Steam”

  • Interesting reading. But I am not surprised. I actually like steam. I have a massive collection of games but sometimes mis-file my disks. When that happens steam helps out on the download front.

    I am surprised that Valve would through a hissy fit over a massive tittle like BF3. It’s there loss in my book. As I already have the game on pre-order.

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