Digital Homicide removed from Steam

Following the decision by Digital Homicide to sue 100 anonymous Steam users for $18 million, Valve, the owners of Steam, have decided to remove all Digital Homicide titles from their digital store.

17th Sep

Is Steam your only choice for PC gaming?

Following Steam's Christmas Day blunder, SG Gaming Info asks, Is Steam your only choice for PC gaming?

31st Dec

[UPDATE]Malfunction hit Steam, users given access to other people’s accounts

It is not something you want to see on Christmas Day, but Steam is experiencing an apparent data breach with users having access to other users account.

25th Dec
steam issue

The Steam summer sale has begun

It's time to say goodbye to your hard-earned money as Valve's 10-day Steam summer sale has begun.

11th Jun
Steam summer sale day 1

Steam cracks under the weight of Christmas shoppers

Planning on buying something on Steam today? Well you are in for some bad news, as the Steam store seems to be having a few technical issues.

26th Dec

Valve file trademark for Half-Life 3 in Europe

According to a thread on Neogaf Valve has trademarked the name Half-Life 3 in Europe. The trademark which was filed last Sunday confirms seems to now confirm that Valve are developing the hotly anticipated game.

02nd Oct

Steam announces Steam Controller

After announcing SteamOS and Steam Machines, Valve has made its final living room announcement, the Steam Controller. The steam controller definitely doesn’t look like your average controller. For example the controller uses dual trackpads instead of the analog sticks.

29th Sep

Valve to release Steam Machines in 2014

In the second of three announcements Valve has announced their own line up of gaming focused PCs called Steam Machines. Valve will be releasing multiple versions of this new PC in 2014.

27th Sep
steam machines

Valve announces SteamOS

Valve has today announced “SteamOS”, a new free operating system built around bringing Steam into the living room and onto the big screen.

24th Sep

Red and Blu team up to fight some robots

teamfortress2_mvmValve has today announced a co-op mode for Team Fortress 2. The co-op horde mode will see bitter rivals Red and Blu teams working together to fight a new team, Robots.

14th Aug
Red and Blu team up to fight some robots

Steam summer sale begins

steamsummersale_12-7Well today is the day we bid farewell to out hard earned money as Valve has begun the Steam Summer Sale. This year’s summer sale once again has some great deals on offer.

12th Jul
Steam summer sale begins

Finally we get to Meet the Pyro

teamfortress2_pyro5 years after Team Fortress 2 released the final “Meet the Team” video which features the mysterious Pyro. The Pyro class has thrown up many questions now let’s see if “Meet the Pyro” answers some of them.

27th Jun
Finally we get to Meet the Pyro

Steam accounts hacked

Today it was revealed by Gamasutra that Valve’s Steam service has been hacked and credit card information and other user information have been stolen.

11th Nov
Steam accounts hacked

Volume 3 of Portal 2 soundtrack now available

Portal_AlbumCover-MechValve has released volume 3 of the Portal 2 soundtrack “Songs to test by” and like the previous volumes it is free to download.

03rd Oct
Volume 3 of Portal 2 soundtrack now available

Portal free on PC for limited time

For a limited time only Valve will be making the PC version...

17th Sep