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Final Fantasy XV to be released September 30

On March 31, 2016 by Aaron Meehan

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During last night’s Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, Square Enix revealed that FFXV is to be released for PS4 and Xbox on September 30th. A new FFXV demo was also announced.

The new demo called Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV is a free demo that has you play as Noctis as a child. This standalone experience will see a Carbuncle (a magical guide) teach players/Noctis have to master various weapons, magic, and driving. Those who complete the demo will be able to unlock the exclusive Carbuncle summon DLC when the full game launches in September. For those who wish to try out this new demo, it is currently available for download via Xbox Live store and PlayStation Store.

Apart from the release date and demo, we also go information on the various special editions people can pre-order. The contents of the three special editions can be seen below.

Day One Edition
Contains FINAL FANTASY series Masamune DLC weapon

Deluxe Edition
The Deluxe Edition contains all Day One Edition content plus an exclusive two-disc steelbook including both FINAL FANTASY XV and the KINGSGLAIVE Blu-ray. Also includes an exclusive car recolor DLC and the Royal Raiment costume DLC from KINGSGLAIVE.

Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Available exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store)
Available exclusively from the Square Enix Online Store, the Ultimate Edition includes all Deluxe Edition content plus an additional exclusive two-disc steelbook containing the official Blu-ray soundtrack (featuring music from FINAL FANTASY XV, KINGSGLAIVE and BROTHERHOOD) and the BROTHERHOOD Blu-ray (containing an exclusive sixth episode) as well as a 192 page hard-cover artbook. Also includes a limited edition variant Noctis PLAY ARTS -KAI- action figure.

For more information on Final Fantasy XV, visit http://www.finalfantasyxv.com/.

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