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Player Studio expanded to PlanetSide 2

On July 31, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Player Studio, which allows players to create and sell their own in-game items and sell them for real money will now be available for PlanetSide 2 players.

Player Studio which was first introduced last year for SOE titles which include EverQuest, EverQuest II and Free Realm, will allow PlanetSide 2 players to create decals, hood ornaments, camo patterns, vehicle canopy overlays and helmets. A select number of items will be placed in the marketplace, and the creators of said items will receive a check from SOE every quarter for a portion of the revenue from their items’ sales.

At present the Player Studio is limited to US residence, but SOE has said that they do plan to expand the program over time to include other countries.

For a full run down of the Player Studio in PlanetSide 2, visit https://www.planetside2.com/player-studio.

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