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Rift to go free to play on June 12

On May 14, 2013 by Aaron Meehan

Trion Worlds has announced that their subscription based mmorpg, Rift, will be going free to play on June 12. Trion Worlds boasts that there will be “No trials. No ticks. No traps” when it comes to their free to play model.

The difference between free players and those who bought the game and the expansion, Storm Legion is rather small. The main difference is that free players will only get 2 character slots (6 for those who bought the game) and have only 3 starting bag slots (those who bought the game or the expansion have 5).

Those who wish to continue paying a subscription fee will have access to Patron passes. These passes give you extra currency, patron summons, increased mount speed, boost to PVE reputation gain, bonus XP, bonus tokens, boosts to PVP XP and rep gain and veteran rewards.

To learn more about Rift free to play, visit the Rift free to play page.

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