FIFA 13 at E3 2012

On June 6, 2012 by Ash Meehan

EA Sport’s popular football game FIFA 13 made an appearance at E3 2012 showing off its new Kinect feature and EA Sports Football Club.

Before we look at the two features here is the official E3 trailer for FIFA 13.

FIFA 13 with Kinect allows you to use voice commands to manage your team line up and tactics without going through various menus. You can make substitutions without leaving the game with just a few words and change your team’s formations. Players can also voice their disapproval at decisions that have gone against them, but be careful as your temper could see you receiving a booking.

EA Sports Football Club will return in FIFA 13. Players who played FIFA 12 will be able to carry their football club level and XP into FIFA 13 so they will be able to carry their momentum into the new game. You will also be able to unlock various items such as new celebrations, kits etc. via in-game credits. You will also be able to play crucial real-world football matches to keep players engaged in ongoing season. Players will be able to share their game experience with friends over Facebook.

For iPhone and iPod touch users you are in look as a new EA Sports Football Club will allow you to manage your team on the go.

Here is a selection of newly released EA Sports Football Club screenshots.

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