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EA announce free to play Command and Conquer game

On December 16, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

commandandconquertiberiumallianceslogoEarlier this week EA announced another new Command & Conquer called Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances and it will be a free to play MMO strategy game and beta registration is open.

The game will allow you play with your friends for world domination so choose your friends wisely and form alliances as you fight against other players and hordes of mutant enemies.

The game will also have a revolutionary in-game social and news update feeds integrated into the game, this will plunge players into a completely interactive and dynamic experience. Live status streams and newsfeeds will update in real time, forcing players to strategize, react, and adapt on the spot.

The game will also be the first truly portable MMO game with cross-platform accessibility on web browsers and mobile devices.

EA has also announced that you can register for beta now. To register head on over to the official website http://alliances.commandandconquer.com/en/ and follow the on screen instructions

If you are still unsure about the game EA has released an announcement trailer for the game.

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is part of EA’s Play4Free which include Battlefield Play4Free, Need for Speed World, Battlefield Heroes and more.

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