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Black Prophecy Episode 2 now out

On September 24, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

The Species War has expanded into an all out interstellar war with the release of Episode 2’s warzones for the free to play space MMO Black Prophecy.

With the war escalating 6 warzones have being added to the game for PVP combat with Tyi fighting Genide in battleground style areas of space.

Warzones are key territories for either side and is an attack versus defense style match where the attacking side my take all the zones and then the command center to win the match. The zones include the support zone, the outpost zone and finally the command center. To get to the command center the attacking side must take 3 domination points within the outpost zone and control the support zone as well because this helps speed up the capturing of points.

  • Support Zone: Killing enemy players in these zones gives a buff to fellow players in the Outpost and Command Center sectors that accelerates the capturing of domination points.
  • Outpost Zone: Each Outpost zone has three domination points that have to be held by the attacking forces within five minutes each. Once all three Outpost Zones have been captured, the way to the Command Center is open.
  • Command Center: The main sector that has to be dominated in order to gain control of the entire warzone. Once players have made their way through the Outpost zones, the Command Center’s domination points must be captured. After all nine points have been taken by the attacking forces within 20 minutes, the warzone is considered captured and the warzone-specific player buffs are activated.

The taking of a warzone gives your faction a boost with new rewards and by taking more warzone areas you gain access to more power rewards. Rewards include exclusive upgrade blueprints and more. Players also receive honour points to purchase these unlocked rewards.

Gamigo will also be offering a 2 week event with some nice bonuses.

  • Week 1: 25% more XP in PVP battles and no death penalty.
  • Week 2: 25% more XP in PVP battles and 25% more concentration.

Also Gamigo released a trailer for the new episode:

If you wish to try out Black Prophecy go to http://www.blackprophecy-game.com/ and play for free now.

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