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Gamania announces the musical Tiara Concerto MMO

On August 2, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Yesterday Gamania announced a new music based MMO called Tiara Concerto. Along with the announcement the story was also revealed for the MMO. Also the Tiara Concero’s RS team has created a comic series called Tiara Concerto Mini which will appear weekly on the official Facebook fan page. Now what is the story of the MMO?

Well the story about how survivors of a wasteful human race unlock a lost world with the magic of music. Here is what the story is in full from the press release.
The story of Tiara Concerto transports players 800 years in the past, to the time of the Star Chord Judgment – the result of wasteful Humans exhausting all of earth’s resources. In their final hour, with the world on the verge of self-destruction, the legendary Seven Wise Men managed to unlocked a new dimension, saving the Humans from complete annihilation. While their home world was lost forever, the surviving Humans managed to escape judgment by living on floating islands in the sky. As years passed, they developed a mysterious skill called “Tuning,” in which they used instruments to produce resonance with energy from the past, thereby allowing them to slowly reclaim resources from their homeland. Now, the Humans must cooperate with other magical races – the Elves and the Beasts – to take down the Rhythmic Monsters prowling the skies and bring back their lost civilization.

Along with the story a trailer was released for the MMO.

If you are interested in the comic series here is the link for those who wish to read it http://www.facebook.com/tiaraconcerto.

For more information on Tiara Concerto check out http://www.tiara-concerto.com

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