Could Death Stranding be about a new form of human life?

On the Kojima Productions website, there's a simple line that reads, "From Sapiens to Ludens". However, one could wonder, does the line explain the plot of their upcoming game, Death Stranding.

02nd Dec

A new and confusing Death Stranding trailer released

At The Game Awards 2016, Hideo Kojima revealed a new trailer for his Kojima Productions' upcoming PS4 game, Death Stranding. The new trailer is as confusing as the first.

02nd Dec

Report: Kojima has left Konami, forms new studio

Japanese outlet, Nikkei is reporting that Hideo Kojima has officially Konami, and has formed a new studio with plans to release games on Sony's PS4.

15th Dec
hideo kojima

Report: You may not want to work for Konami

It seems like Konami might not be a company you would want to work for, as Japanese newspaper Nikkei revealed how poorly the staff are treated.

03rd Aug
Metal Gear Solid V

Hideo Kojima promoted to vice president of Konami

Hideo Kojima gets promoted to vice president of Konami and other changes in Konami.

30th Mar
Hideo Kojima promoted to vice president of Konami