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Digital Homicide removed from Steam

On September 17, 2016 by Aaron Meehan


Top image from Digital Homicide's The Slaughtering Grounds.

Following the decision by Digital Homicide to sue 100 anonymous Steam users for $18 million, Valve, the owners of Steam, have decided to remove all Digital Homicide titles from their digital store.

The lawsuit against the 100 Steam users for apparent hate and harassment isn’t Digital Homicide’s first lawsuit, as Digital Homicide is also suing YouTube critic, Jim Sterling for $15 million after Sterling posted unflattering reviews of their games. Valve, the owners of Steam, as you can imagine aren’t happy and as you can tell from the title have responded by removing all of Digital Homicide’s games from Steam.

In a response to Tech Raptor’s story regarding the removal of Digital Homicide’s games, Valve’s Doug Lombardi told the tech and video game website, “Valve has stopped doing business with Digital Homicide for being hostile to Steam customers.” I guess Digital Homicide have bitten off more than they could chew unless they try to fix the situation by trying to sue Valve.

The removal of Digital Homicide’s games was first spotted by Twitter user lashman (@RobotBrush) who in turn posted a screenshot confirming the removal of what he called “shovelware”.

Could this be the end for Digital Homicide, or are they going to try to sue their way out of this new problem.

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