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MCM Ireland Comic Con 2016 fails to deliver

On July 4, 2016 by Aaron Meehan
MCM Ireland_crowds

MCM Ireland 2016 was rather quiet

On July 2-3rd anime, manga, video games, comics and geek culture took over the RDS in Dublin for MCM Ireland Comic Con 2016. While the convention took up two and a half halls, the convention felt like a rather flat experience this year.

I don’t know if I was spoiled by MCM London in May, but MCM Ireland this year felt like a rather quiet affair. There were fewer booths and even fewer people in attendance. While the convention, like last year, had a long queue, the inside of the hall felt rather quiet. From my perspective, it seemed as though the convention just couldn’t garner any attention this year, last year’s MCM Ireland -which ran for 2 days in August- managed to draw a larger crowd.

Regarding the booths, there was a shockingly low number of sellers willing to set up shop, and those that were there had rather small booths. The selection of merchandise, food and other items available was also rather small. While several sellers were selling the usual plushies, t-shirts, there was next to no one selling anime or manga, two main components of the convention (the only anime or manga I saw for sale was from one booth and they had a very limited selection). Now, like last year, the second hall was dedicated to CEX, photo booths, a robot football match, and once again, a wrestling ring (no idea why the wrestling ring was even there).

MCM Ireland_queue

A sizable queue formed before the convention opened.

Now, while the attendance was low and selection of booths poor, the number of cosplayers in attendance was good. The 501st Legion, which I dutifully posed with, was in great attendance, and you normal non-hypercompetitive cosplayers were around. For me, the cosplayers did liven up the experience, as I fear if they weren’t around it would have been a rather dull convention.

Nestled in with the booths and attendees were some video game developers, well to be exact three developers. One company that caught my attention was Peripheral Labs, who had brought their online multiplayer shooter, Hitbox. The game was an interesting and fun shooter, although I could see some room for improvement. Personally, I did see some potential in the game and I look forward to playing it when it is released on PC, via Steam.

Of course, since it is a convention there were special guests. The convention featured Nichelle Nicholas (Uhura, Star Trek), Nolan North (Nathan Drake, Uncharted series), Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor, Doctor Who), Peter Davison (5th Doctor, Doctor Who) and more. While it is always good to have special guests, especially ones from popular franchises such as Doctor Who and the original Star Trek, they felt rather muted. Many of the guests had a feeling of not wanting to be at the convention, and from my perspective, only Nolan North seemed really happy to talk to fans, sign autographs and take photos. Speaking of autographs and photos, the price of an autograph ranged from €15 to €40, and the price of a photograph (which is a professionally taking photo) ranged from €35 to €45.

MCM Ireland_Nolan North

Nolan North (Nathan Drake, Uncharted series)

My overall opinion of MCM Ireland Comic Con 2016 is that it is on its last legs. The convention never seems to have a solid date, which means people don’t know when it’s on, and after talking to some companies at MCM London there weren’t many interested in setting up shop at a future MCM Ireland Convention.

If you are interested in learning more about MCM Ireland Comic Con, visit www.mcmcomiccon.com/ireland/.

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