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Blade & Soul’s business model detailed

On July 1, 2015 by Aaron Meehan

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NCSoft has announced that their martial arts MMO, Blade & Soul will use a free-to-play model that offer players unrestricted access to all content within the game.

While the model will give players, unrestricted access to the game, players will be able to use NCoins to purchase items with real money. In the press release regarding business model, NCSoft made it clear these items will be convenience items (food and exp potions), quality of life improvements (additional inventory and character slots) and cosmetic items (costumes and pet accessories). To limit the likely complaints how these non-pay-to-win items will make the game somehow pay-to-win the game will allow players to earn a special free currency that will allow players to purchase some of the items that are usually only available with NCoins.

While the game is free to play there will be a premium membership option. This option will provide active members with quality-of-life benefits that get better as players progress through membership tiers. NCSoft has given the following example of how the membership reward system works: “For example, the first tier of membership will provide players with cool special effects for their Windwalk skill and boosts to XP and currency drop rates. One thing this system will not provide is competitive advantage. Players will increase their membership tier as they make purchases (with both NCoin and the free currency) in game.”

Blade & Soul tells the story of players’ quest for vengeance and redemption against a backdrop of Asian fantasy, set in a beautifully crafted online world. Blade & Soul prominently features martial arts inspired combat and Windwalking movement, as depicted in classic Asian martial arts adventure films.

A closed beta of Blade & Soul is planned for autumn 2015 in Europe and North America. The game is to be released on PC in winter 2015.

For more information on Blade & Soul, visit http://www.bladeandsoul.com/.

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