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Massive GoD Factory: Wingmen update adds new maps

On November 19, 2014 by Aaron Meehan

Nine Dots Studio has released one of their largest updates for GoD Factory: Wingmen. This update known as “Galaxy Update 1.1” adds three new maps, the ability to rejoin an ongoing match and more.

Bandai Namco Games (the games publishers) provided an email with following patch notes.

3 New Maps with unique Gameplay Features

– Magma Battlefield: capture Plasma Emitters to create a fiery zone which damages enemy ships.
– Ice Quarry: capture Recharge Stations to regenerate your Shield.
– Krier Shipyard: a network of Gates catapults your gunship around the battlefield.
– Improved version of the old map, the Astral Forest.

Improved Peripheral Support

– Advanced axis calibration menu
– Peripherals with more than 20 buttons are supported, including the Saitek X-55 and X-52 Pro.
– Using multiple peripherals at once, such as a joystick and pedals, is now supported.

Reconnection to a Match
– You can re-join your ongoing match if your internet connection dropped or if your computer crashed.

Bug ad Balance Fixes
– Over 30 stability and functionality fixes! See the full list on our Steam forums.

To celebrate the release of this new update the steam version of GoD Factory: Wingmen is currently on a 50% discount from November 17 to November 23.

To learn more about GoD Factory: Wingmen I recommend giving my GOD Factory: Wingmen review a read.

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