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Review: GoD Factory: Wingmen (PC) – A fun, challenging multiplayer game

On September 3, 2014 by Aaron Meehan

GoD Factory: Wingmen, developed by Nine Dots Studio, is a 4v4 team-focused online multiplayer space combat game where the main objective is to destroy your enemy’s carrier before they can destroy yours.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is an incredibly fun arcade style space shooter that requires players to be alert as the smallest mistake can lead to your death and the serious repercussions that will befall you upon death. For you see, GoD Factory: Wingmen is not a game that likes to hold your hand because once you complete the good introductory tutorial you are thrown into the wild. Where you can either practice against extremely tough bots or allow the game’s quick match option to throw you into a game with either fellow low ranked players or high ranked players. The poor quick match selection is probably the game’s weakest point, alongside a non-existent in-game story.

The goal of this multiplayer only title as I said above is to destroy your opponent’s carrier, although even though this your main objective, there is secondary objective that can see you win a match by destroying the most enemy gunships. This objective only occurs when both carriers are destroyed at the same time, both carriers fire at each other at set intervals. While destroying enemy gunships could be considered a secondary objective, it is still key as once an enemy gunship is destroyed it is gone for the remainder of the match, and with players only having a max of two gunships, destroying them and making them use the unlimited use weak drone gives you and your team a big advantage. When you opponent’s fighting force is severely weakened you and your teammates are open to attack specific points of your opponent’s carrier, these specific points when destroyed reduce the carrier’s hull integrity and in certain cases severally hamper your opponents radar, ammo and gunship repair time.

With all this in mind battles between players can still be exciting and unpredictable as some players like to stay and fight to the end while others will boost away back their carrier’s dock to repair and live to fight another day. Then there is also the thought of what your opponent will do, will they go straight for your carrier and attempt to destroy certain key pieces of it or jump into the middle for a massive firefight, and since this is a multiplayer game this changes on a game-by-game basis. For me what I just described is music to my ears, as I love the unpredictability of each match, trying to guess what the other team will do, when is the right time for me to do a bombing run on their carrier or when to hang back and protect a key piece of my own carrier. The simple idea of the consequence of death and various win objectives keeps GoD Factory: Wingmen.

Before I talk about another aspect of the game, I must note that the game only has one map, but the layout and content of the debris in the centre of the map changes on a match-by-match basis. While the layout changes are nice I would personally prefer more than one map.

My favourite aspect I like about GoD Factory: Wingmen is challenge of simple flying the ships. In the game you cannot simply jump in and be the very best you have to learn how to time drifts, flips and when the right time to use your special abilities. While at first you might find it seemingly impossible to fly your ship, don’t get frustrated because after a few games you will be dog fighting through debris like a pro. To give an added immersion to dog fighting you have the ability to play the game in cockpit view or via an Oculus Rift if you already own one. While cockpit view is nice it severally weakens your field of view and just like in third person mode you cannot look behind.

Now with any good multiplayer game customisation is key and well GoD Factory: Wingmen has enough customisation options to keep you busy for a while. The game has four races, each with their own strengths for example the human ships are agile and good at bombing runs while the Chorion ships are great at for standing back and shooting at a distance. Now this is not the only customisation as the game has a six level rank system that unlocks new equipment for you to buy and for some even more customisation, each piece of equipment has its own four rank levelling system. While in most games, it is usually the best idea to get the highest ranked gear in GoD Factory: Wingmen the highest ranked gear isn’t always the best as high ranked equipment might not suit your style of play. For example, a medium ranked human wing might allow you to equip two wing weapons instead of one, but at the cost of speed. Personally, I have my ships setup to be as quick as possible as I like to do bombing runs and get back to dock alive, to do this I use I still rely on the rank one human wing despite being an overall rank four. The thinking that you should focus on stats rather than rank is welcome plus for me. Now, you might be wondering how do you buy equipment you unlock, well all you have to do is to take part in matches and earn credits, and to level up your purchased equipment you must simply use it in battle, and pay a small upgrade fee.

If you like achievements, but feel they do not reward you enough in GoD Factory: Wingmen achievements are worth something as they unlock ship dyes and sheens, and some credits for good measure.

In terms of visuals the game holds up well, while my PC could only run the game at a low setting it did look nice although I feel the effect they use to show you are travelling fast under boost can be slightly disorientating.

In terms of the game’s future, Nine Dots Studio has talked about a fifth race, which will might even more ways to play the game.


GoD Factory: Wingmen is a game I have longed to play for a long time. It offers fast-paced space combat, a large array of customisation options and rewards strategy over fighting blind. If any of that seems appealing to you than what are you waiting for pick up GoD Factory: Wingmen right now.

SCORE: 9/10


+ A good number of customisation options
+ Strategy and planning is rewarded
+ Game requires patience and practice to master
+ Oculus Rift support

– Non-existent story and only one map
– The quick match system feels like a lottery for new players as you might be paired against fellow newcomers or experienced veterans.

Developer Publisher Genre Rating Platform Release date
Nine Dots Studio Bandai Namco Games Space combat 7+ PC August 29, 2014

For more information on GoD Factory: Wingmen or to buy the game, visit http://www.godfactorygame.com/.

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