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Dead or Alive 5 release more costume DLC

On November 30, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

Team Ninja has released the fifth round of costumes for the various characters in Dead or Alive 5. The new costumes range from formal wear to bondage gear.

The new round of costume DLC is available for both Xbox 360 and PS3 users and comes in three packs called China Pack, What a character 2 and Special Set 3. Each pack costs €4.99/ 400 Microsoft points, but you can by all three packs for €12.99/1040 MS points.

The various packs contain the following new costumes.

China Pack includes Kung Fu uniforms for Jann Lee and Brad Wong, Tiger fighting gear for Gen Fu and a white gown for Helena.

What a Character 2 includes a black bunny swimsuit for Kasumi, Mila masquerading as Bass, an alien suit for Zack and black leather bondage gear for Christie.

Special Set 3 includes a maid uniform Leifang, a mayoral garb for Tina, a bartender outfit for Eliot and an all-white mafia suit for Bass.

Screenshots of the new costumes can be seen above.

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