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Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free to play as subs drop again

On August 1, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

EA and Bioware’s flag ship mmo Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to go free to play this fall. Shortly after the announcement EA revealed that games subscription numbers had dropped below 1 million.

The free to play model will exist along with the existing subscription model the game already uses. There are some differences between the new models for example free to play users will have restrictions on access to new content and advanced player features such as no access to the games end game raid content called operations and limited access to flashpoints and warzones (you might be able to buy access to these with Cartel points, but there is no confirmation of this).

With the introduction of the free to play model Bioware have added the ability to purchase in-game items with real money. Players will be able to use cartel points to buy special in-game items such as vanity items and pet with real money.

Those who were subscribed to or are still subscribed to SW: TOR will receive some gifts. Former and active subscribers will receive 150 Cartel points for each paid month prior to the game going free to play. Those with active monthly subscriptions after the game goes free to play will receive 200 Cartel points for each month the stay subscribed. Those who bought the collector’s edition of SW: TOR will receive 1,000 additional Cartel points.

For a more information on Star Wars going free to play, visit http://www.swtor.com/free or http://www.swtor.com/free/features if you wish to see the difference in content for subscription and free to play users.

Later in the day during the quarterly EA investor call EA President Frank Gibeau revealed that Star Wars: The Old Republic’s subscription had fallen below 1 million, but remained above 500,00 (no number actual figure was given). The new roundabout figure is a drop from last May’s figure of 1.3 million subscribers which in turn was a drop from last March’s figure of 1.7 million subscribers.

Source: Massively.com

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