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Four new brand new PlayStation titles unveiled

On August 16, 2012 by Aaron Meehan

At Gamescom 2012 Sony has announced four brand new titles for both PS Vita and the PlayStation 3 called Tearaway, Puppeteer, Rain and Until Dawn.

The first game Tearaway is for the PS Vita and is developed by Media Molecule of Little Big Planet fame.

Tearaway takes players on an adventure through a vibrant papery world with your new friend Iota, a plucky messenger with a unique message to deliver—to you! This paper world is small enough to hold in your own two hands, allowing you to reach into the game with your God-like powers and help Iota complete this very special delivery. Use the rear touch pad, microphone and tilt the screen to help Iota complete his journey.

The second game is Puppeteer a new title by SCE WWS Japan Studio.

Puppeteer is set in a magical puppeteer’s theatre for the PS3. This title will introduce players to a strange and fantastic world, where the environment is constantly changing. This is a rich fairytale where surprises lurk around every corner.

The third game is Rain, another game created by SCEE WWS Japan Studio for the PlayStation Network.

Rain is a dark fairytale featuring invisible boy and girl protagonists who can only be seen by their silhouettes in the falling rain.

Finally there is Until Dawn a PlayStation Move title developed by Supermassive Turning.

Supermassive Turning features all the elements you’d expect from your favourite teen horror film: a script that’s funny, sexy, and scary, a beautiful young cast, an isolated location, a devious killer, a dark secret and an all-important twist. Until Dawn will make the PlayStation Move motion controller your torch, guiding players through the dark as they attempt you survive.

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