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BloodRayne Betrayal Review

On September 19, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

BloodRayne: Betrayal Review

BloodRayne Betrayal PR 5

Rayne is back after 5+ years of waiting with the download only title “BloodRayne: Betrayal” for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. BloodRayne: Betrayal is a side scrolling hack ‘n’ slash platform game.

BloodRayne: Betrayal is developed by Wayforward and published by Majesco Entertainment and now let us take a look at one of the most difficult games I have played all year.

Now I have to start of this review by saying this. BloodRayne: Betrayal has got to be the most difficult game I have played this year or for a long time. The game offers little hand holding and if the game does expect a lot of you with the score board at the end of each chapter being cruel with constant F grades but when you get up to say C grade which was the highest I got to you feel like you really accomplished something and in a sea of shooters which say your brilliant after you beat a spawn of mindless enemies it really does put into perspective have great of a game BloodRayne: Betrayal is.

I think the first thing we should look at is the story is about Rayne a half zombie and half human zombie hunter recruited by the Bloodstone society to help infiltrate the manor and kill the enemies inside.

The first thing I think we should look at is the gameplay and this is the make or break part of any game. BloodRayne: Betrayal from my own opinion delivers you a challenge that will try not to hold your hand as much as possible with no easy, normal or hard modes in sight the game difficulty scales with each chapter but I do like the fact the difficulty does drop say in at least one level which is a great way to catch your breath before you jump back into the Lion’s den.

What really makes the gameplay difficult is the fact there is no regenerating health, there is only 2 ways to get health back and that is to suck the blood of an enemy which can be difficult when you have screen full of enemies or you could accidently use a combo and kill the enemy you wish to drain off their blood. To drain their blood all you have to do is hit them which knocks them of balance and you can jump in with the blood rain attack, the 2nd way is to reach a check point which is a blood fountain and passing it restores your health completely.

Basic enemies in the game aren’t particularly a challenge, but there numbers is what makes them a challenge with many enemies attacking at once with some enemies using long range attacks and sliding attacks all at the same time but beating them does provide some satisfaction in winning.

While enemies aren’t particularly challenging the bosses can be an absolute nightmare especially on your first attempt one particular example is the Crab Puncher Mk 2 which killed me so much to point of insanity, I finally realized during my 10th or 15th attempt what is the best thing to do which was to get one of the basic enemies while on the boss and use an explode attack which is similar to a blood drain but instead of draining the enemies blood you turn the enemy into a living bomb and it made the boss a bit easier. In all the bosses require multiple attempts as you learn their attacks. bloodrayne-betrayal-pr-3

Moving onto the controls of the game I found them a bit disappointing on the Xbox 360 version. The most disappointing part for me was the jumping and dashing. If you japed A button for jump you would do a small jump but press and hold A you would do a big jump and in theory this is great but when combined with dash it worked pretty terrible for me, personally I sometime found Rayne wouldn’t actually jump dash that high and especially in a chapter where you have to out run a blade when doing arguably the most annoying platforming having the jumping ability not working correctly is just painful. Combos are another double edged sword with your character deciding the best time to do a combo attack is when you fall down and press forward and X and causing you to do a random combo based move, this can again be annoying when in a crowded room full of enemies (I mentioned this earlier when talking about blood draining, but felt it needed reintegration).

Before I give my final thoughts I have to point out the music in the game is brilliant. The start screen has an excellent music score and from there is continues to be good.

In all the game is a challenge in gameplay in patience, I could only get to just about the end of chapter 8 out of 15 chapters before admitting defeat and not tossing my Xbox 360 out the window.

Score: 70% or if you prefer results out of 10 than 7/10

While the game was a difficult annoyance for me I can’t fault it on that part because I am not that great at platform games, but that controls and the difficulty curve were not that great. If you love old school game then this is the game for you if not then you may want to avoid it for your own sanity.

To learn more about BloodRayne: Betrayal check out the official website.

Thank you for reading the review and I hope to review more games as time goes on.

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