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Rusty Hearts Beta Phase 2 now live

On August 25, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Beta phase 2 of the upcoming hack and slash dungeon crawler MMO Rusty Hearts has now begun.

The new phase sees numerous improvements and tweaks to the game. Some changes include more PVP areas, PVP balance, town restructure and more.

Check out what some details on the improvements below.

  • Town Restructure – Players can save time by navigating the town without interruption. It will now turn into one zone that will let players explore seamlessly.
  • Wanted Board Adjustment – Wanted Boards will have posts of “Wanted Quests” that will display images of ever-changing enemies and their locations. Players will then have to track that enemy down and take it down.
  • Distinctive Crafting – Items that are crafted will now have a much more distinctive and intimidating appearance. This new appearance will help make crafted items stand out from the standard items.
  • Item Drop Rate Adjustment – Drop rates for items have been updated to be more varied and help make gameplay more dynamic and intriguing.
  • More PVP Arena – New intermediate and advanced arenas will be activated to match players with similar experience and levels. In addition, PVP points/scores will not be affected by Free Battleground gameplay.

Check out the full list of improvements at http://rustyhearts.perfectworld.com/news/?p=308721.

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