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EA Gamescom Press conference wrap up

On August 16, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

Well not long ago EA’s press conference has finished and some great info on some of EA’s upcoming were dropped along with some great videos. Below is what was discussed at the press conference.


The first game that was shown of was the newest EA Sports title and it is “FIFA Street”. FIFA Street will see players return to the street as they play the trick centric matches and with some of the best street soccer player’s motion capturing their moves for the game expect it to be the best FIFA Street game to date.

FIFA Street will be a part of “EA Sports Football Club” and for those who have “EA Sports Season Ticket” will be able to get early access to the full game. Expect to see the game Early 2012.



The next game that was shown off was “Need for Speed: The Run” where a brilliant trailer for the game. It was mentioned that weather conditions would have an impact on races and they would range from dust storms to avalanches in snow races.

After the brief talk on it a live demo took place. The race was in the Colorado Mountains and as the race went on avalanches began to happen randomly and you could see the effect on the track as the person had to avoid the falling snow while racing wheel to wheel.

Need for Speed: The Run will be hitting Store shelves November 18th.


A new Warhammer Online game was announced by Bioware under the Play4Free EA list which includes Need for Speed World and BattlefieldPlay4Free.

The new Warhammer game allows for intense PVP combat which see 6V6V6 combat. You can choose your hero as you play matches and you can swap heroes until you get to one you enjoy the most. From the looks of it, it could be EA trying to go up against League of Legends, but going for a simpler approach.


SWTOR had a slow start show for the conference as it presented a cutscene in German and made a passing mention on the beta weekends starting next month (September), but after that they kicked it off with a live demo of the first SWTOR end game operation (Raid).

The operation was called “The Eternity Vault” and saw 8 level 50 players take on the first round of trash after coming in via escape pod. The operation seemed to be similar to what MMO players have come to expect from raids and team work was shown off well. Before the operation started it was mentioned that there would be 2 modes for beginners and more hardened MMO players.

After the short live demo a trailer for the operation was shown off and frankly it looked awesome.



There wasn’t a lot said about Mass Effect 3 but we did get one very important detail and that was the release date for the game. Mass Effect 3 is expected to hit store shelves March 9th 2012 (Europe and March 6th 2012 (North America). We were also treated to pretty nice trailer caked “Mass Effect 3: Squad Leader.

Check out SSX, Battlefield 3, The Secret World and more on the next page.

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