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Playstation Store opens back up today

On June 2, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

The Playstation Store has finally returned after the Playstation Network went down back in April. The Playstation Network did partially come back in early May but it was without the Playstation Store which meant people couldn’t buy Playstation games, DLC etc for the PS3 and PSP.

But today Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced the Playstation Store has now finally returned today.

If people are wondering about the welcome back program, at present it is not live but will be available very soon according to the Playstation Blog EU.

Also some Welcome back to Playstation Plus info was given out:

  • Existing Playstation Plus users will get 70 days free use of the Playstation Plus
  • April content will stay on the Playstation Plus section of the store, which includes Burnout Paradise for free

Full List of the Playstation Plus Welcome Back information

As for the free 30 day Playstation Plus for all PSN users I am still trying to find out about it myself, I recently checked my PSN account on the PS3 and I am not on Playstation Plus so unless they will be doing it later or you have to do it yourself I am not 100% sure.

Well it is good to see the Playstation Store return and the Playstation Network fully return after it went down mid April and just in time to because E3 is just around the corner and I have a feeling the SCE will be watched very closely at the Expo.

Source: Playstation Blog EU

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