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Sony can’t seem to catch a break

On May 18, 2011 by Aaron Meehan

With the limited return of Sony’s Playstation Network on Sunday it finally began to look like Sony were on the way to recovery, but as people say the road to recovery is never a smooth one and Sony seems to be no exception as today it was revealed that the a new hack has happened opening the doors to hacker to reset account passwords. To do this all hackers need is your date of birth and your PSN username.

To stop this Sony has taken down the page that had being put up to help users change their password after the return of the Playstation Network.

Also Sony has taken down the following websites for supposed maintenance:

  • PlayStation.com
  • PlayStation forums
  • PlayStation Blog
  • Qriocity.com
  • Music Unlimited via the web client
  • All PlayStation game title websites

But the ability to log onto the PSN via the PS3 and PSP is not effected.

Also if people are worried about their password has being reset check your emails because when a reset is accrued and email is sent to the email address of the account holder, so it is really at the moment an annoyance then anything else.

Source: Nyleveia and Gamasutra

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