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Closers to officially release next month

On January 24, 2018 by Aaron Meehan

Closers - Closed Beta_8-11

En Masse Entertainment has announced that Closers, a fast-paced free to play anime-styled arcade MMO, will officially leave beta on February 6th.

The February launch will coincide with the release of the game’s first raid, according to En Masse Entertainment’s announcement the raid will be “open to all players and featuring challenging scenarios with unique encounters and special loot rewards that will only be earned by the most dedicated of Closers.” En Masse Entertainment also provided information on what players can expect from the upcoming raid

The Closers launch Day Raid introduces the Dimensional Ops Center, an area where players can earn the most powerful gear in the game and challenge Closers’ first Raid Boss: Tiamat! From the Dimensional Ops Center, the Closers journey into another dimension, known as the Nightmare World, controlled by an extremely powerful dimensional entity called Tiamat. By fighting their way through the Nightmare World, players will unlock the gateway to the Abyss and face off against the Queen of Nightmares herself.

If you cannot wait for the new raid, Closers has just released an update that increases the level cap from 65 to 70 for all characters, along with a new hub area called Sky Ship Bridge and new story quests.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a launch/release day announcement without a trailer, so below is the official Closers launch trailer.

For more information regarding Closers, visit https://closers.enmasse.com/.

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