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Battlefront II update breaks multiplayer

On November 21, 2017 by Aaron Meehan

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Things seem to be worsening for EA as the latest update for Star Wars: Battlefront II has broken the game’s multiplayer.

Patch 0.2, which was released earlier today, was the game’s first official patch and was mainly focused at fixing issues and bugs within in the game, but the patch seems to have created a major problem in the multiplayer.

According to those on Reddit and Battlefront forums the new patch has caused all progress to be reset, all unlocked star cards to disappear and mid-game disconnects that seem to happen after five minutes of gameplay. The oddest thing about the issue is that if you look at your progress and cards outside of the multiplayer you will find that your progress has not been fully erased it is just that for whatever reason in the multiplayer mode they are not appearing.

As you can imagine this issue is both game breaking and frankly annoying those who want to play the game. Of course, this disaster is only the latest in a long line of bad press for EA, as the game has received ire from fans and critic for the game’s original pay to win business model.

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*Update* The problem seems to be resolved

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