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Destiny 2 open beta to kick off later today

On July 21, 2017 by Aaron Meehan

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If you didn’t pre-order Bungie’s Destiny 2, but still want to try out the game’s beta, good news as the beta will be open to all players on July 21st (today) at 6 pm Irish time.

The upcoming open beta, which will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the open beta will offer the following content:

  • Opening story mission, Homecoming
  • Two Crucible modes, Countdown (new to Destiny 2, attack and defend based) and Control (classic zone control)
  • Two Crucible maps, Midtown (Countdown only) and Endless Vale (Control only)
  • Co-operative Strike, The Inverted Spire
  • New sub-classes, Warlock (Dawnblade and Voidwalker), Hunter (Arcstrider and Gunslinger) and Titan (Sentinel and Striker)
  • Weapons and Armour to unlock – 20 weapons and 45 armour pieces specifically – including Exotics Sweet Business, Sunshot and Riskrunner
  • Social Space, The Farm (for one hour only on July 23 at 6 pm Irish time / 10 am PST)
  • Four emotes, for dancing, waving, sitting and pointing
  • New emblem to unlock in the full game if you play the beta

Thank you to Eurogamer for the above bullet points.

Activision, the game’s publisher, has released an open beta launch trailer showing the above-mentioned content.

For those wondering about a Destiny 2 PC beta, it will take place in August 2017. Therefore, just like the Destiny 2 PC release date, the PC beta will take place about a month after console players have tried it.

Destiny 2 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th, with the PC version available on October 24th.

For more information on Destiny 2, visit https://www.destinythegame.com.

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