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Final Fantasy XIV battle system changes detailed

On May 23, 2017 by Aaron Meehan


Ever since the Stormblood expansion was announced, we knew Square Enix would be making changes to FFXIV’s battle system, but information was scarce until now.

During the latest letter from the producers live, Naoki Yoshida – Director on Final Fantasy XIV– covered all the changes coming to the battle system for Final Fantasy XIV.

Before going into details regarding the changes, Yoshida explained that the reason why they are changing the battle system was due to its complexity, too many actions, overemphasis on status icon management, core versus casual disparity and a lack of synergy between jobs. One of the first changes is the removal of additional actions in favour of role actions. Additional actions are cross job skills, for example, if you have a Black Mage and an Archer your Black Mage can use Archer’s Raging Strikes and Quelling Strikes ability, provided you have them unlocked on your Archer. Additional actions replacement, Role actions, takes away the requirement to level additional jobs to maximise abilities. Role actions are a set of actions that are open to all Jobs of the same role. The roles in question are Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS and Caster. This change also means that some job-specific actions are now role actions.

Each job will have their own Job gauge/Job HUD, these gauges are used to help the player with the specialised actions, for example, the Black Mage gauge has a clear countdown to when your fire or ice buff expires. Below is a new trailer showing the new gauges and actions in use.

Job actions will also be adjusted with the removal of unused or underused actions. Some actions which have multiple versions will be merged and when you gain a more powerful version of that action is will automatically upgrade the actions, for example, Stone > Stone II > Stone III > Stone IV. This merging of actions frees up action bar space and causes less stress for those who play the game with a controller.

Other changes to battle system include: changes to how damage done by healers will now be calculated by mind instead of intelligence, piety being moved from a main attribute to sub-attribute, accuracy being removed and replace by Direct Hit, parry being removed and replace by Tenacity, sprint no longer consuming TP, and finally casting timers are now gone from Bard and Machine Jobs.

Source: Gamerescape

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