FIFA 17 (PS4) review

On October 12, 2016 by Aaron Meehan

For a long time, EA Sports’ FIFA franchise has always felt flat to me, while each iteration enhances an existing feature the franchise never offers any major changes, until now. FIFA 17 offers the biggest change in the franchise to date, and I’m not talking about how they gave set pieces a much-needed rewrite, I’m talking about the new mode called The Journey.

The Journey is a brand new story mode where you become Alex Hunter and try to weave your way up to playing for the best teams in the world. The Journey is a unique experience in FIFA 17 as it transforms the game into a kind of football RPG as you talk to people using a multiple choice dialogue wheel, and level up your attributes during training. When you get into playing you can choose to play as Hunter or as the entire team, I highly recommend playing as Hunter as your on-field performance is important to reaching your goal of constant first team football. In many ways, The Journey gives players a snapshot of what being a footballer is all about as The Journey shows players deal with more than just worrying about when to kick a ball, after all, they are human.


Going past this new mode, FIFA 17 is very much similar to previous FIFA titles. However, as I stated earlier there are changes such as set pieces getting a much-needed rewrite, but apart from the improvement to set pieces FIFA 17 offers improved active intelligence system, which means AI controlled characters will now react differently to certain situations. Physical play has also being overhauled, which has transformed the way players physically interact in all areas of the pitch, although AI controlled players are still relatively easy to get around or tackle. The final major improvement is new attacking techniques; this means that there are more ways to score goals with the improved shot mechanics. Honestly, apart from the set piece rewrite the only other new feature I really noticed was the new attacking techniques as I found the new features makes setting up and scoring goals a lot easier, especially in The Journey mode where a good threaded through pass can set up a teammate to score.

What else is there to say about FIFA 17? In terms of modes, you have The Journey (mentioned above), career mode, kick off, tournaments, skill games, arena and ultimate team. Of course, you also have online modes such as seasons, co-op seasons, online friendlies and pro clubs. In terms of teams, there are 30 leagues including the premier league, LaLiga and the Irish SSE Airtricity League, so if you are looking for your favourite team it is more than likely in the game.

Moving away from all the features, let’s talk about the graphics and audio. Graphically, FIFA 17 uses the frostbite engine, which means players and stadiums are fantastically rendered as FIFA 17 offers the most life like FIFA game to date. However, the new engine still can’t improve the looks of the supporters in the stands or the sometimes-bizarre collision issues. In terms of audio, we have the roar of the crowd, the screams on the pitch, and of course the great commentary duo of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.



FIFA 17 is the best FIFA game to date as the new mode, The Journey, breathes some much-needed new life into the franchise.

Score: 9/10

Pros Cons
+ The Journey mode – The bizarre collision issues still exist
+ Improved attacking techniques and set piece rewrite
Developer Publisher Genre Rating Platform Release date
EA Canada EA Sports sports 3+ PS3,XB360, PC, PS4, XBOne September 29, 2016

For more information on FIFA 17, visit https://www.easports.com/fifa.

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