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PS4 Pro announced, costs €399

On September 9, 2016 by Aaron Meehan


During the PlayStation Meeting 2016, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) unveiled the PlayStation 4 Pro, a new 4K capable console that will be released on November 10, 2016.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is an improved version of the currently available PlayStation 4 and recently announced PlayStation 4 Slim. According to the SIE press release, Sony has boosted “the performance and capability of the system architecture including the CPU and GPU”, this means that the PS4 Pro has the ability to output 4K quality resolution, although critically it is not at a native 4K as Sony has stated the 4K resolution will be gained by “graphic rendering or up-scaled.” To be able to see a full 4K resolution the PlayStation 4 Pro must be hooked up to a 4K capable TV.

Apart from the ability to output images in 4K, the PS4 Pro will support HDR imaging technology, which according to the SIE “enables the reproduction of brightness and darkness while realising a much wider range of colours.” This HDR support will be made available on the original PS4 and PS4 Slim via software update. To be able to use HDR imaging to its full potential your PlayStation 4 must be hooked up to an HDR-compatible TV.

For those curious regarding games for the PlayStation 4 Pro, every PS4 game title, including those already available and those launching in the future, will run on all PlayStation 4 consoles including the PlayStation 4 Pro. This means that there will be no PS4 Pro exclusive titles as all Pro games are required to work on the original PS4 and PS4 slim.

For more information on the PlayStation 4 Pro, visit https://www.playstation.com/en-ie/explore/ps4/ps4-pro/.

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