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Overwatch replacement pose revealed

On April 6, 2016 by Aaron Meehan


Tracer’s controversial pose is now officially gone as Blizzard has now replaced the Overwatch character’s over the shoulder pose.

The pose, which was posted on by Neogaf user SteveO409, is considerably more creative and seems more in line with Tracer’s attitude. Although those who complained about the fact the character was overly sexualised will probably still complain, but in the end, I say any new complaints will be ignored.

The new pose also reinforces the fact that the original pose wasn’t removed due to sexualizing the character, but because the original pose was bland and honestly new pose looks a lot better than the original.

Old PoseĀ 


New Pose


If you haven’t read my thoughts on the removal of the original pose, make sure to read my latest Let’s Talk opinion piece.

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